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Welcome to our website. Please read carefully all terms below. This document regulates all the rights and obligations with which everyone accesses the Mondego Walkways website through the address https://passadicosdomondego.net. Staying on the Mondego Walkways website requires you to read and accept these terms and conditions. This document was last updated on September 14, 2021.


This site was created and developed with the purpose of bringing high quality informative content about the Mondego Walkways, the Serra da Estrela region and all its context, not representing the official website of the promoting entity. On this platform, high quality original material can be published, as well as the dissemination of third-party products and services. All content on this site was developed through reliable, high-quality research. Credits are given to all third-party content. All contents are periodically updated, however, the website may contain some article, video or image, or some information that does not reflect the current truth. In this case, this website cannot be held responsible in any way for any content that is not properly updated. It is the visitors’ responsibility to use all the information on the site with a critical sense, using it only as a source of information. Whenever possible, the user should consult official sources.


This Term specifies and requires that all users of this website read and understand the clauses present in it, as it establishes between the website and the visitor rights and obligations that must be expressly accepted by the visitor when he starts to browse the website. By continuing to browse the site, the visitor expresses that he accepts and understands all the clauses, as well as fully agreeing with each one of them, and this acceptance is essential for the permanence in the same. If the visitor disagrees with any clause or term of this contract, he must immediately stop browsing in all ways and means. This term may be updated at any time without any kind of notice and communication. It is important for the visitor to check the terms and conditions of this website on each visit.


The Mondego Walkways website works, normally, 24 hours a day, however, small interruptions may occur temporarily for adjustments, maintenance, change of servers, technical failures or by force majeure, which can make the site unavailable for some time. limited. The Mondego Walkways website is not responsible for any loss of opportunity or damage that this temporary unavailability may generate to users. In case of maintenance that require a longer time, the website will inform visitors in advance of this need and the expected time the site will be offline. Access to the website is allowed to people of any age as long as they have full civil capacity. All data that may eventually be collected will be protected in accordance with the General Data Protection Law. In this regard, when browsing this website, the user must also fully agree with the website’s Privacy Policy.


The visitor will be able to access the entire content of the website, such as articles, videos, images, products and services, not implying any type of assignment of right or permission to use, or copy thereof. All rights are preserved, in accordance with the Portuguese legislation of the Copyright Law  and the Portuguese Civil Code, or any other applicable legislation. All content on the website is protected by copyright and its use, copying, transmission, sale, assignment or resale is prohibited. In specific cases there may be exceptions to this right, which will be clearly highlighted in it, with the form and permission to use the protected content. This right is revocable and limited to the specifics of each case.  


When using the website of Passadiços do Mondego, the visitor fully agrees with: In no way or means carry out any type of action that tries to invade, hacker, destroy or damage the structure of the Mondego Walkways website or its commercial partners. Including, but not limited to, sending computer viruses, DDOS attacks, undue access failures, or any other form and means. Not to make undue disclosure in the comments on the site of SPAM content, competing companies, viruses, content that does not have copyright or any other content that is not relevant to the discussion of that text, video or image. Prohibition of reproducing any content on the website or platform without express authorization, being able to respond civilly and criminally for the same. With the Privacy Policy of the website, as well as the processing of data relating to navigation and use of the website, you may, at any time and in any way, request their exclusion, through the contact form.


The Mondego Walkways website can rent or sell advertising space directly to advertisers, or through specialized companies with Adsense (Google). These advertisements are the full responsibility of the advertiser, and the visitor is responsible for purchases, visits, access or any actions related to these advertisements. All advertisements on the website will be clearly highlighted as advertisements, as a form of disclaimer of the Mondego’s Walkways and of the visitor’s knowledge. These ads can be selected by the advertising company automatically, based on the visitor’s recent visits, as well as based on their search history, according to the platform’s access policies.


The website may have hyperlinks throughout its navigation, which may lead directly to another internal page of the Mondego Walkways website or to external websites. Although this site only creates links to highly reliable external sites, if the visitor accesses an external site, this site has no responsibility for the medium, being a mere indication of content complementation, the visitor being responsible for access, as well as for any actions you take on this site.