Best River Beaches in Serra da Estrela (Roadmap)
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Praias Fluviais da Serra da Estrela
© João Sanfins

Best River Beaches in Serra da Estrela (Roadmap)

We know that Serra da Estrela is full of pearls, many of them completely unknown. It is not only in winter that Serra da Estrela is enchanting. In fact, Serra da Estrela has a lot to offer in all seasons of the year, namely in spring and summer, which are the best seasons of the year to enjoy the beautiful river beaches that the region has to offer. Although the winters are quite intense and rigorous in Serra da Estrela, the truth is that the summers are also very hot, which makes for a good refreshing swim.

There are several places where you can not only take this dive, but also practice water sports and enjoy breathtaking landscapes. It is true that there are river beaches in Serra da Estrela for all tastes. Big, small, popular, unknown (or almost hidden), with lagoons or waterfalls, each beach is unique and worth visiting.

Among the various river beaches present in Serra da Estrela, we will highlight the following ones for a spring/summer itinerary:

  • Paul River Beach (Covilhã)
  • Unhais da Serra River Beach (Covilhã)
  • River Beach of Vale do Rossim (Penhas Douradas)
  • Valhelhas River Beach or Rossio River Beach (Guarda)
  • Relva da Reboleira River Beach (Manteigas)
  • Loriga River Beach (Seia)
  • Lapa dos Dinheiros River Beach (Seia)
  • Poço da Broca River Beach (Seia)
  • Sabugueiro River Beach (Seia)
  • River Beach from Vila Cova to Coelheira (Seia)
  • Dr. Pedro River Beach (Seia)

Serra da Estrela River Beaches Route Map



To get to know all these beaches individually, we advise you to read an article about the Serra da Estrela River Beaches in the Vagamundos Blog:

On your visit to the Mondego Walkways, don’t miss a dip in one of these fantastic river beaches. Trust that you will not regret it!