Caldeirão Waterfall
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António Mendes

Caldeirão Waterfall

The Cascata do Caldeirão, as its name indicates, is an integral part of the Caldeirão stream, and is located right at the entrance to the city of Guarda, next to the wall of the Caldeirão Dam, in the northern part of the Serra da Estrela, and is inserted at Geopark Estrela. (GPS location: 40.5324, -7.3307).

It is a gigantic and almost secret waterfall, formed by the waters of the Ribeira do Caldeirão that rush down steep cliffs, in a dance of colors and melodies. We can say, without hesitation, that the Cascata do Caldeirão is one of the many treasures of Mondego.

As a background, we can say that the Ribeira do Caldeirão comprises a set of gorges, waterfalls and wells, with an extension of about 100 meters. The water course of this stream, in its entirety, has a total difference in level of 50 meters.

The erosive action of water caused several rock formations, in vertical fall, in the contact zone of the schist with the granite, the largest of which was called “Cascata do Caldeirão”. The waters of this cascade are projected into a large well known as “Caldeirão”, about 19 meters deep and 20 meters wide.

The route to reach this fascinating waterfall can start next to the beautiful and famous medieval bridge of Mizarela, over the river Mondego, then crossing the Roman sidewalk of Pêro Soares. It is a 2.5 km trail, round trip. The climb to the waterfall is not easy, as it is necessary to go through slippery areas, cross holes, jump from stone to stone, cross narrow paths. However, the views of the Mondego valley are something so grand and unparalleled that they minimize the effort of the climb. And, what’s more, they will be forever etched in memory and on the retina.

But it’s really worth the risk, discovering every detail of nature! The grandeur of the Cascata do Caldeirão offers its visitors a breathtaking landscape in any season! But in winter, with the flow at its height, the view is from an even higher level.

Nature is like that: engaging and exciting, capable of causing us the most varied and incredible emotions! And how happy we are to be able to capture, with rigor and clarity, all that she generously offers us! We are privileged!

We can consider the waterfalls as true natural monuments, untouched landscape heritage. Cascata do Caldeirão is no exception. Due to its grandeur, its sumptuousness, its unique beauty and its own characteristics, it is, no more or less, a paradise on earth.

The bucolic atmosphere and serenity of the Cascata do Caldeirão landscape, combined with the swarming and melody of the waters that, in turmoil, seem to kiss the rocks, transport us to a world apart, where peace and tranquility reign. A unique, incredible location, a natural hideaway, a challenge for the shy, a new experience for the most daring! Everything looks like magic there!

It should be noted that we cannot remain indifferent to the construction of the Mondego Walkways, which offer hikers the opportunity to visit, with greater ease and safety, one of the most beautiful and well-kept secrets in Mondego.

The Cascata do Caldeirão, which is difficult to access, was only available to the bravest and most adventurous who, indulging in their luck, risked walking on demanding trails and jumping from stone to stone, until they finally reached the place where the waterfall well is located. However, with the development of the walkway project, the visit to the waterfall is accessible and safe, so that everyone can enjoy this magnificence of the Mondego. That way, everything is easier!