Villages of the Mondego Walkways
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Aldeias dos Passadiços do Mondego
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Villages of the Mondego Walkways

Along the path of the Passadiços do Mondego, in addition to enjoying a breathtaking landscape, you will pass through different villages that will undoubtedly have your attention. Depending on which direction you take, the route will pass through the villages of Videmonte, Trinta, Vila Soeiro and Barragem do Caldeirão. Learn a little more about these villages.


Videmonte village

It is in this village that you can find one of the ends of the Passadiços do Mondego and, therefore, you can start your journey along the River Mondego here. Videmonte, with about 480 inhabitants, is located about 22km from the city of Guarda and it is here that the highest point of the county is located, marked by the geodesic landmark of Cabeça Alta. One of the most famous places in Videmonte is the Quinta da Taberna River Beach. During the summer period, the high temperatures invite you to take a refreshing dip in the clear waters of this magnificent beach. A great recommendation to finish your visit to the Mondego Walkways if you start the route on the side of Cascata do Caldeirão.


Trinta Village

Aldeia de Trinta has about 410 inhabitants and is a village that can be appreciated during the walk through the Passadiços do Mondego. It belongs to the “Mountain Villages” which are a group of villages located between the Serra da Estrela Natural Park and the Protected Landscape of Serra da Gardunha. Interestingly, Trinta was the first village in the Guarda district to have electricity and was an important center in the wool industry. Although times have changed, the population preserves its roots and organizes parties in honor of its past culture. In this village you can visit the Igreja Matriz dos Trinta, the Chapel of Senhora das Candeias, the Chapel of Senhora do Soito and the Espírito Santo Chapel.

If you are a fan of wool, you can also visit the Museum of Weaving Means, an old weaving factory located near the village of Trinta.


Vila Soeiro

Another village that you can visit during your experience in the Passadiços do Mondego is Vila Soeiro (which was called, in the past, Vila Soeiro da Serra), a village with only about 40 inhabitants. Here we can glimpse a unique traditional architecture, in a rustic and mountainous corner. As a visit note, we highlight the Chapel of Saint Peter of Verona.


Caldeirão Dam

It is at this point that the other end of the Mondego Walkways is located. The Caldeirão Dam is located in the Ribeira do Caldeirão and, like most dams, it is a concrete arch dam. If you choose to start your route from the Passadiços do Mondego in Videmonte, at the end, you can relax and take a dip in the Fluvial Beach of the Barragem do Caldeirão. Another fantastic place that you can visit right next door is the Miradouro do Mocho Real. Don’t be afraid of the small climb on foot, because it will be well worth enjoying the landscape you will find. Breathtaking!