Covão dos Conchos – Serra da Estrela
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Covão dos Conchos
Diana Amaral

Covão dos Conchos – Serra da Estrela

Whoever sees it at first glance looks like something out of science fiction. After being widely publicized on social networks, it has become a must visit for anyone visiting Serra da Estrela or nearby. And you, who are going to visit the Mondego Walkways, also cannot miss this enigmatic place.

Although there may be several theories (some of them conspiracy) around this structure, Covão dos Conchos is nothing more than an engineering work built in the 50’s and aims to carry the water collected in Ribeira das Naves, to Lagoa which is located further down through a tunnel about 1.5 kilometers long. And what is the goal? Make the most of the waters of the largest lake to produce electricity.

Once this mystery is unveiled, you will want to visit this place, physically, one of the most inseparable in Serra da Estrela.


How to get?

The route is not that simple, but don’t give up right now! First of all, you should know that it is a walking route of almost 5 kilometers between loose stones and some vegetation. It’s not difficult, but it’s also not recommended for people who have walking difficulties.

Covão dos Conchos is located in Serra da Estrela at coordinates 40.3639158,-7.6109062


You’ll see it’s worth the visit!