Vale do Côa Archaeological Park
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Parque Arqueológico do Vale do Côa
Ana João Azevedos

Vale do Côa Archaeological Park

You’ve certainly heard of the Foz Côa engravings, but you’ve never had the privilege of getting to know this heritage of humanity up close. The Vale do Côa Archaeological Park is located in Foz Côa, in the Guarda district and is within an hour’s drive of the Passadiços do Mondego. It is true that it is no longer there, but the Côa Valley is well worth a visit, not only for its scenic beauty but also for all the archaeological heritage that you will find there.

The rock art is distributed along two main axes: the Côa and the Douro. Altogether, more than 1200 rocks are known to be engraved in 80 different places, mostly from Paleolithic times, but also from the Iron Age and from the historical period.

A visit to the Côa Museum allows you to frame and recreate the entire history of the place. Then you can make one of the various visits available to the Vale do Côa Archaeological Park to see, live, the rock art engravings.

Please note that visits to the Côa Valley Archaeological Park must be scheduled in advance to guarantee access to a visit. Book your visit on the website and get all the information you need for your visit there.

If you have in mind to visit the park and the rock carvings, do not visit the site without prior appointment, as you will probably not be able to get a ticket on the day of the visit.