Mocho Real Viewpoint
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Mocho Real Viewpoint

We are at the northern end of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, at the gates of Guarda, to take you to the Mocho Real Viewpoint, from where you can enjoy the most surreal landscapes.

The Mocho Real Viewpoint, based on granite rocks, is one of the many geosites of Geopark Estrela, which is already recognized by UNESCO and is a territory full of contrasts and unforgettable places, beautifully landscaped!

The Mocho Real Viewpoint is located on the left bank of the Caldeirão Dam, at coordinates 40.5314171,-7.3320339.

Arriving at the wall of the Caldeirão Dam, from the viewpoint, we can see the waters of the Ribeira do Caldeirão rushing through the steep cliffs, into the River Mondego, forming one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Portugal, the Cascata do Caldeirão.

This famous and well-known viewpoint also serves to promote direct contact with the natural, geological and geomorphological heritage of this beautiful region in the interior of Portugal.

The Mocho Real Viewpoint is famous for the generous views it offers its visitors, the most beautiful scenery ever recorded, over the Caldeirão Dam and the surrounding hills. The perfect combination of water, botany and rocks is remarkable and worthy of note.

The viewpoint, which is 700 meters high, is composed of granite rocks and offers an excellent view of the Mondego valley, the Cascata do Caldeirão and the dam with the same name. You can also observe the cultivated fields, which give a harmonious tone to the landscape, and the villages of Vila Soeiro and Mizarela. Another point to highlight is the Caldeirão throat, resulting from the erosive action of water, which caused several rock formations, in vertical fall, in the contact zone of the schist with the granite. We have to agree that this is an unmissable viewpoint, which requires a mandatory stop to contemplate a serene paradise, full of magic, involvement and even spirituality!

If you want to have a more precise, clearer view, with a viewpoint different from any that you have ever experienced, of the area surrounding the Caldeirão Dam and the undeniably beautiful Caldeirão Waterfall, you can’t excuse yourself from going up to the Miradouro do Mocho Real, so close to the waterfall. It’s worth climbing, enjoying and delighting! And let yourself be enveloped by the fresh air that leaves us with a feeling of comfort and freedom!